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Infant Development Program

The Infant Development Program is:  

  • For families with children from birth to three years of age who are experiencing or are at risk for developmental delays
  • Provided free of charge
  • Funded by the Ministry of Children and Families
  • Voluntary
  • Completely confidential
  • Home based and family centered

The Program Provides:  

  • Parent education in the area of child development
  • Family support through home visits
  • Assessments to monitor the child’s developmental progress
  • Activity ideas to support the child’s development
  • Referrals to other services as indicated
  • Joint home visits with other professionals
  • Multicultural services through the use of interpreters or staff who speak a variety of languages.

Referrals are:

  • Accepted from parents and professionals by fax, mail and telephone.
  • Processed, then the family is contacted for a screening visit and the type of service delivery is determined

Service Delivery includes:

  • Monitoring: Family contact every 2 months by phone or home visits
  • Regular caseload: Family contact every 4 to 6 weeks involves more frequent home visits
  • Groups: Weekly onsite group experiences where children and parents are engaged in play activities which promote skill development
  • Infant Massage: 5 sessions of guided parent-infant interaction where parents learn to read their babies cues and respond appropriately             

Infant Development Consultants are:  

  • Professionals trained to assist the family with teaching the child at home
  • Experts in typical and atypical development
  • Trained in the administration of developmental assessments
  • Able to lead a variety of group experiences
  • Community liaison personnel

Upcoming Events:

  • Playgroups
  • Infant Massage
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Summer Picnic
  • Social Communication Group

Please call 604.590.7302 for more information.